Sunday, April 25, 2010

Neneh Cherry - Raw Like Sushi

Cindy and Autumn, Leather Trio Productions.

Neneh Cherry - Raw Like Sushi - Buffalo StanceCindy: "...just the girls on the block with the nasty curves, wearin' padded bras, suckin' beer through straws..."
Autumn: Cindy has the headphones on. She's listening to Neneh Cherry. She's acting all strange. I think she likes this album a lot.
C: Did you say something, Autumn? Huh?
A: "Buffalo Stance" means attitude. It means keep your head up and don't take any shit. It means survival.
C: Ooh, this song has lotsa naughty cool words. I want Neneh Cherry to be my mom.
A: She already has two kids and they're probably not brats like you.
C: Maybe Joyce would be my mom too.
A: Joyce sent us the Neneh Cherry CD that Cindy is listening to. Joyce would know how to handle Cindy's back talk.
C: "God, you're so digital, girl. You're like one of them cabbage patch creatures." What a cool song!
A: Gimme those headphones.
C: Ooh, raw like sushi. Soundin' good in a buffalo stance.
A: Hey check this out: "my first kiss--hit and miss--he wasn't impressed cause I wouldn't get undressed." This is the best album of the 90s.
C: Gimme those headphones back. "Chocolates, bananas, donuts and salami. Ain't gonna fit cause you're full of baloney."
A: Look Cindy, your hair's all messed up. Better give those headphones to me.
C: "My body's clean, but my mind is bad."
A: "Get spooky."
C: "Get funky sex."
A: "Totally outa control."
C: You know I suppose we could just play it through the speakers.
A: More fun this way.
C: Definitely.

Album Network, June 9, 1989

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Raw Like Sushi - Neneh Cherry

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