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Neneh Cherry - Raw Like Sushi

Cindy and Autumn, Leather Trio Productions.

Neneh Cherry - Raw Like Sushi - Buffalo StanceCindy: "...just the girls on the block with the nasty curves, wearin' padded bras, suckin' beer through straws..."
Autumn: Cindy has the headphones on. She's listening to Neneh Cherry. She's acting all strange. I think she likes this album a lot.
C: Did you say something, Autumn? Huh?
A: "Buffalo Stance" means attitude. It means keep your head up and don't take any shit. It means survival.
C: Ooh, this song has lotsa naughty cool words. I want Neneh Cherry to be my mom.
A: She already has two kids and they're probably not brats like you.
C: Maybe Joyce would be my mom too.
A: Joyce sent us the Neneh Cherry CD that Cindy is listening to. Joyce would know how to handle Cindy's back talk.
C: "God, you're so digital, girl. You're like one of them cabbage patch creatures." What a cool song!
A: Gimme those headphones.
C: Ooh, raw like sushi. Soundin' good in a buffalo stance.
A: Hey check this out: "my first kiss--hit and miss--he wasn't impressed cause I wouldn't get undressed." This is the best album of the 90s.
C: Gimme those headphones back. "Chocolates, bananas, donuts and salami. Ain't gonna fit cause you're full of baloney."
A: Look Cindy, your hair's all messed up. Better give those headphones to me.
C: "My body's clean, but my mind is bad."
A: "Get spooky."
C: "Get funky sex."
A: "Totally outa control."
C: You know I suppose we could just play it through the speakers.
A: More fun this way.
C: Definitely.

Album Network, June 9, 1989

You can buy "Buffalo Stance" at Amazon right here:
Raw Like Sushi - Neneh Cherry

Sea Hags

Autumn Meredith/Leather Trio Productions/San Francisco
One summer night in 1985, me, Cindy and Colleen all went to see the Sea Hags at the VIS club on Divisadero. Cindy was just out of high school and a major misbehaver. Colleen was only 16, and even wilder. I was a sweet and quiet girl of 18. It was Cindy and Colleen who caused all the fuss and made noise, not me. ("Stop lying, Autumn, you were a brat too!" -Cindy). Was not.

Back then the Hags were just a trio ("a leather trio!" -Cindy again), but they sounded basically the same as they do now with cool crunching guitars and wild songs. You can hear for yourself on their debut album just out on Chrysalis. My favorite song is "Doghouse" cause it just crunches. Colleen's favorite is the rockin' "Someday," a cool SVT cover. Cindy likes that riff rock stew, "Back to the Grind." And all three of us think the singer Ron is a stone fox. ("So girls of America you better beware, but since we saw 'em first we got rights." -Colleen). Got that? So everyone rush out and get the Sea Hags cool album. Hi to Tom Silver and Geina Horton at Chrysalis.

May 19, 1989, Album Network
Sea Hags at iTunes Sea Hags - Sea Hags

Ramones - Pet Sematary

Autumn Meredith/Cindy Jacobson, Leather Trio Productions.

Cindy: "How does it feel to be deleted and re-entered?" That is what Yvette said to me the last time I called the Album Network headquarters. I don't know about you, but it sounded naughty bad to me.
Autumn: I think she was talking about the computer.
C: Oh.
A: Hey look, we just got the new Ramones single, "Pet Sematary," in the mail.
C: Well put it on.
(Three minutes and thirty-two seconds later.)
A: Pretty cool.
C: It's so Ramones.
A: The only thing missing is Dee Dee shouting...
C: One, two, three, four! the beginning. Other than that...
C: It's very Ramones.
A: Right. It appears last year's Ramonesmania compilation was just the end of Ramoning chapter one. Cause here we have further proof that punk rockers don't have to grow up.
C: They just stay in a cool cartoon world. Like us.
A: "Pet Sematary" has the right guitar crunch, the cool Joey Ramone vocals and a song that is frightening.
C: Oh so scary. So everyone get yourself a copy of "Pet Sematary" right now.
A: And play it a lot.
C: "Gabba gabba we accept you one of us."
A: Oh look, it has "Cindy Is a Punk Rocker" on the b-side.
C: The song they wrote about me. So who's this Sheena person anyway? I'll bet she's never been deleted and re-entered.

April 28, 1989, Album Network