Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Mighty Metallica by Keisha

Keisha W., Leather Trio Productions.
Autumn asked me to write about Metallica cause that's how we met. This was in 1987. I went into the Record Vault to buy Garage Days Re-Revisited (now on Garage Inc) (Amazon link), and I met Autumn there. There weren't too many girls who liked Metallica so we knew we had something in common right away. We've been friends ever since. First I have to tell you about the two cute minitapes that Elektrika has put out. They have Pushead covers and extra bonus b-sides. "Eye of the Beholder" minitape has "Breadfan," a Budgie song, and "One" minitape has "The Prince," an awfully cool Diamondhead song. You should also get the Diamondhead album from that Metal Blade label. It's called Behold the Beginning (Amazon link), and has liner notes by Lars. Diamondhead made metal music back when James and Lars were wee and had not yet made a band. The wee Lars was very much impressed with Diamondhead and the Metallica boys have now recorded three of their songs for Garage Days releases.

On my skateboard I have a sticker that says, "language of the mad." Wanna know why? Go get your ...And Justice For All CD right now and put it in your player. Oh, already in there? Where it belongs. Now go to song six, "Harvester of Sorrow." You will hear crunch c-c-crunch c-c-crunch. This is not a pretty kind of song like the kinds of songs they play on the radio. It's a real kind of song. For me Metallica music has the same rhythm as the streets. Crunch c-c-crunch. And songs with the language of the mad people I pass by. Metallica reflects my world. The rhythms, the noise. That's why it says "language of the mad" on my skateboard. That's the world I live in.

March 10, 1989, Album Network

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