Monday, February 9, 2009

Grammys 2009 - Neil Diamond Makes Us Swoon

Cindy: Here's our thoughts on last night's Grammy award bash.
Autumn: U2's set looked very Zoo TV. The song sounded like "Hold me, Thrill me..."
C: They're going backwards.
A: I read a magazine during the boring parts.
C: I fell asleep.
A: Kid Rock!!! Give the man some Grammys!!!
C: He has Lynyrd Skynyrd songs inside his songs.
A: That's Grammy worthy.
C: Miley Ray Cyrus and Taylor Swift were actually kind of ok. Ah, fifteen...
A: At least Justin Timberlake didn't jump up and start singing with them.
C: That girl who kisses girls is strangely sexy.
A: Why was Stevie Wonder singing with the Jonas Brothers?
C: Thankfully Justin Timberlake wasn't involved. Oh look. Radiohead thinks they're Fleetwood Mac.
A: What was that Gwyneth Paltrow intro all about? Shouldn't she have introduced her husband's band?
C: It was like Yoko introducing the Rolling Stones. If Gwyneth had introduced Coldplay she could have said, and they kinda sound like Radiohead only not as good. Oops.
A: And now Coldplay will probably use the USC Marching Band on their next album.
C: They can be Fleetwood Mac too!
A: Paul McCartney made cool look effortless as usual. But they didn't give him a Grammy as usual.
C: He'll probably stop showing up.
A: And then he'll win one.
C: Could it be? Yes it is... "Sweet Caroline..."
A: Neil Diamond! Swoon.
C: I almost fainted.
A: We like old guys.
C: And that girl who kisses girls.
A: Justin Timberlake could learn a lot from Neil Diamond.
C: I think I saw him taking notes.
A: I liked the Bo Diddley thing.
C: Autumn is a fifties kinda girl.
A: A cool bluegrass fiddler and the former lead singer of Led Zeppelin won album of the year and 4 other Grammys. The music business is very strange.
C: "I'd like to say I'm bewildered. In the old days we would have called this selling out, but I think it's a good way to spend a Sunday." -Robert Plant
A: Alison Krauss is adorable.
C: She looks like my sister.
A: She has 26 Grammys!
C: Look out Quincy Jones. My adorable sister has 26 Grammys.

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