Monday, February 9, 2009

Grammys 2009 - Neil Diamond Makes Us Swoon

Cindy: Here's our thoughts on last night's Grammy award bash.
Autumn: U2's set looked very Zoo TV. The song sounded like "Hold me, Thrill me..."
C: They're going backwards.
A: I read a magazine during the boring parts.
C: I fell asleep.
A: Kid Rock!!! Give the man some Grammys!!!
C: He has Lynyrd Skynyrd songs inside his songs.
A: That's Grammy worthy.
C: Miley Ray Cyrus and Taylor Swift were actually kind of ok. Ah, fifteen...
A: At least Justin Timberlake didn't jump up and start singing with them.
C: That girl who kisses girls is strangely sexy.
A: Why was Stevie Wonder singing with the Jonas Brothers?
C: Thankfully Justin Timberlake wasn't involved. Oh look. Radiohead thinks they're Fleetwood Mac.
A: What was that Gwyneth Paltrow intro all about? Shouldn't she have introduced her husband's band?
C: It was like Yoko introducing the Rolling Stones. If Gwyneth had introduced Coldplay she could have said, and they kinda sound like Radiohead only not as good. Oops.
A: And now Coldplay will probably use the USC Marching Band on their next album.
C: They can be Fleetwood Mac too!
A: Paul McCartney made cool look effortless as usual. But they didn't give him a Grammy as usual.
C: He'll probably stop showing up.
A: And then he'll win one.
C: Could it be? Yes it is... "Sweet Caroline..."
A: Neil Diamond! Swoon.
C: I almost fainted.
A: We like old guys.
C: And that girl who kisses girls.
A: Justin Timberlake could learn a lot from Neil Diamond.
C: I think I saw him taking notes.
A: I liked the Bo Diddley thing.
C: Autumn is a fifties kinda girl.
A: A cool bluegrass fiddler and the former lead singer of Led Zeppelin won album of the year and 4 other Grammys. The music business is very strange.
C: "I'd like to say I'm bewildered. In the old days we would have called this selling out, but I think it's a good way to spend a Sunday." -Robert Plant
A: Alison Krauss is adorable.
C: She looks like my sister.
A: She has 26 Grammys!
C: Look out Quincy Jones. My adorable sister has 26 Grammys.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sugar Pie Desanto - Down in the Basement

Cindy J, Leather Trio Productions:
Living right here in San Francisco there's a cool blues and jazz singer who calls herself Sugar Pie Desanto. Her real name is Umpeylia Marsema Balinton. She was born in New York 53 years ago, but she was raised in San Francisco. In the sixties she lived in Chicago where she recorded whole lots of cool songs for Checker records. She returned to San Francisco in the seventies and has remained here ever since.

Last year (1988) Chess put out an album of Sugar's best sixties stuff called Down in the Basement--The Chess Years. Everyone go out and get a copy right now. Listen to that voice. Sultry, sassy, bluesy, falling all over those R&B songs with a fiery punch. Just the way she sings the line "don'tcha know you gonna messa my mind" on "Can't Let You Go" is enough to make you wonder how a woman who did not even grow past five feet tall can sing with the voice of a giant. The title song, a duet with ultracool Etta James, is all about not having any money, and going down into the basement to do lotsa naughty bad things. Like sweat and dance and get funky.

But the sexiest song of the bunch is "Soulful Dress." Listen to the way Sugar's voice attacks the line, "with that tight fittin' waist and that low neckline." And then at the end when she says to the guitarist, "play it any way you wanna." And the guy gets all raunchy and crazed. Isn't it amazing how us girls can say the simplest thing and guys will get all raunchy and crazed? So everyone let's all go down into the basement and get real funky with Sugar Pie Desanto. "Do any dance you wanna do cause there's no one under you in the basement..." Ooh yeah.

Album Network, February 24, 1989
"Soulful Dress" and "In the Basement" on iTunes Sugar Pie DeSanto - Chess Chartbusters, Vol. 1 - Soulful Dress