Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cindy and Autumn's Favorite Albums of 1988

Cindy Jacobson/Autumn Meredith. Leather Trio Productions.

Cindy: I'm writing my half of this from Chicago where I'm visiting my dad and step mom and my two half brothers who are total Ninja Nintendo brats. And if I hear one more word about those dweebs the Chicago Bears--ooh! Football has gotta be the stupidest game ever invented. Here are my favorite albums of 1988. Everything But The Girl/Idlewild. Sugarcubes/Life's Too Good. Primitives/Lovely. Jesus and Mary Chain/Barbed Wire Kisses. Jane's Addiction/Nothing's Shocking. Ramones/Mania. Flipper/Sex Bomb Baby. And no Van Halen! Honorable mentions go to Michelle Shocked for "Anchorage," Transvision Vamp for "Tell That Girl to Shut Up" and Wednesday Week for their awfully cool fan club EP. Wake up Enigma! Since I'm in Chicago I won't know what Autumn put on her list till I get back. If she puts that ultra macho Van Halen nonsense on there she will be spanked. Boy stuff bleah.

Autumn: Spank me now Cindy. Spank my bare bottom. See if I care. Ultra macho what? She's right about the Bears, though. 49ers rule! Here's my list. Metallica/...And Justice For All. Jane's Addiction/ Nothing's Shocking. Van Halen/OUHateCindy2. Sugarcubes/ Life's Too Good. Primitives/Lovely. Book of Love/Lullaby. Joy Division/Substance. Coolest record label of the year award goes to Elektra cause they have Sugarcubes, Leah Simon, Suki Sir, MetalliRay Gmeiner and even that Rob Sides person who got all squished at the I-Beam Sugarcubes show. Thanks to everyone who contributed to our sleepy time crusade at the end of last year. Charlie Springer is a Christmas star in the west. Cindy hurry back so we can go ice skating on the Golden Gate Bridge. Welcome to 1989 everyone.

Album Network, January 6, 1989