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Two Wednesday Week Fans Interviewed

Kristi Callan of Wednesday WeekAutumn: This was originally done for some now forgotten fanzine. Or maybe it was in the Wednesday Week newsletter. I think it might be unpublished. Our archives are in disarray.
Cindy: We should mention that we forgot who asked the questions, but it was definitely a boy.

What do you think of Tiffany and Debbie Gibson?
Autumn: I don't think of Tiffany.
Cindy: I think of Debbie Gibson, sometimes. She has horrible clothes, but I like "Only In My Dreams."
A: Put that girl in some black clothes.
C: Put Tiffany in a closet.

Who do you sleep with at night?
C: Mostly I sleep by myself, but sometimes with Billy.
A: I sleep with Floppy Bear.

Which member of Wednesday Week do you most want to be like?
C: I think I'd wanna be like Kristi. If I could sing that cool. Or Heidi. I could stomp as a bass player.
A: I'd wanna be Kelly. A girl drummer. Rad.
C: Uh, oh. Here comes the Val yack.

Kelly Callan of Wednesday Week
What are your favorite Wednesday Week songs?
C: "Thrash." (Note: this song is actually called "All That Again.")
A: Cause it thrashes. I like "Just My Size." Cool lyrics.
C: I like "You Want So Bad to Believe" cause it's so sexy. It would drive boys to do dangerous things.
A: I like it when boys do dangerous things.
C: Me too. I think my favorite Wednesday Week song is "I Wonder What You Hear." It has that kinda mystery, you know? Plus Kristi's voice just aches. My favorite female singers are Kristi and Tracey Thorn who is in Everything But the Girl. Both Wednesday Week and Everything But the Girl have songs about relationships with that underlying emotional tension. And you can hear that in Kristi's voice. She captures the real emotional content of the song. That's why Wednesday Week are so good. There's so much feeling expressed.

Kristi Callan and David Nolte of Wednesday Week
What are your favorite Wednesday Week shows?
C: I like the one we saw at the San Jose State University Pub.
A: The Leather Trio, that's me and Cindy plus Billy--
C: My dreamwalk baby.
A: --we drove down to San Jose in Billy's car. I think this was in March of 1987.
C: There was hardly anyone there. Maybe 50 people. So Wednesday Week were real relaxed, real casual. After they played "I Saw The Light" this whole table full of beer-drinking Hank fans stood up and cheered.
A: That was so cool.
Heidi Rodewald of Wednesday Week playing bassC: And they played "Boy (You Got Me Good)" as an encore. They don't play that live very much.
A: I like the show we saw in San Diego best.
C: Oh yeah. That was like two years ago. We drove down from San Francisco in Billy's car, but we left Billy behind. It was a girls only adventure. He was so pissed!
A: Cindy had to act all cute and sweet to get him to lend us the car.
C: Did not.
A: He lets her get away with anything.
C: Does not.
A: Neither of us had turned 21 yet, but we were really good at getting into clubs.
C: And you were such a wimp about it. I practically had to drag you down there.
A: Did not.
C: The place was called the Belly Up Tavern. It's in Solana Beach.

Belly Up Tavern sign, Solana Beach, California
A: When we first got there we went straight to the bathroom.
C: Long drive. Needed to pee.
A: On the way to the bathroom we ran into David.
C: Yeah.
A: We got all nervous and giggly.
C: He thought we were so weird.
A: There were tons of people at the show.
C: Watching football!
A: Wednesday Week had to wait to go on cause the game went into overtime.
C: When it was finally over Wednesday Week came out and played.
A: They won over all those San Diego Chargers fans.
C: People danced and spilled beer.
A: They played "Safety First" that night. I love that song.
C: The calico cat song.
A: We like calico cats. There's one who hangs around fisherman's warf. He's a vagabond cat.
C: We like black cats too.
A: Like Sweden, who visits us all the time.
C: Don't tell them that.
A: Why not?
C: Sly secret.
A: Oh.

Heidi Rodewald of Wednesday Week
Do either of you have any nicknames?
C: My dad calls me "Cin." My biker friend Old George calls me "Little Cindy." And Billy calls me "Little Blonde," but only when he's in a really mushy mood. He's such a boy.
A: You'd think she was a midget the way everyone calls her little.
C: Yeah, I'm not that small. Really.
A: Oh, everyone just calls me Autumn. 'Cept Cindy still sometimes calls me "Tomboy."
C: Still sometimes.

How old were you when you lost your virginity?
C: Not tellin'.
A: Me either.
C: I know how old Autumn was.
A: If you tell I'll hit you.
C: You will not.
A: Will too.
C: She always says she's gonna hit me, but she never does.
A: But I will hit you this time.
C: She says that all the time too.
A: Do not.
C: Leave it to a boy to ask this kind of question anyway.
A: Yeah.

Who do you make out to? Mathis or Sinatra?
A: Definitely Sinatra. Nancy Sinatra.
C: Or Buzzcocks.
A: Or Wednesday Week.

Do you have anything else you want to say?
A: Hi Natalie.
C: We should call her.
A: Good idea.

November 16, 1988
Another legendary unpublished Leather Trio Production
Photographs by Joe Beine (20 Nov 1986, Belly Up Tavern, Solana Beach, California; Kelly Callan - 3 April 1986, Callan Garage)

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