Saturday, May 10, 2008

When We Were Toddlers

Cindy Jacobson and Autumn Meredith. Leather Trio Productions/San Francisco.
Autumn: So here comes none other than David Lee Roth with one of the cutest sleeves ever. Check out that "Damn Good" CD single. The little girl looks just like you.
Cindy: Back when I was just a toddlin' little blonde Cindy brat. My dad says all I did was poop and cry and giggle and fall down on my rumpus.
A: All the things she does so well now.
C: Yes, I'm still very good at falling down on my rumpus. And there I am in the picture holding hands with one of my early boyfriends, an older man of course.
A: Not yet out of diapers and already a flirt!
C: What were you like as a toddler, Autumn?
A: I was a sweet and quiet little girl.
C: Liar! You were a brat just like the rest of us.
A: So I officially take back all, er...most of the bad things I said about David Lee Roth before.
C: The controversy you caused! The endless middle of the night phone calls.
A: At least he didn't put his own picture on there.
C: I think we were supposed to listen to the CD, not just look at the cover.
A: Oh, sorry. Maybe next time. Really you should just get the first Van Halen album.
C: Boy stuff. Boy stuff.
A: And we're sorry we don't have a picture of the DLR sleeve for the blog.
C: It's oh-so-obscure.

August 12, 1988, Album Network (updated slightly)

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