Saturday, May 24, 2008

Coolness '88 - Jane's Addiction, Primitives, Sugarcubes

Cindy Jacobson, Leather Trio Productions/San Francisco.
Here's a very "leather trio" of cool things...

1. Jane's Addiction - Nothing's Shocking (WB) Perry erupts like a volcano while Dave, Eric and Stephen shoot off musical sparks. I warned you about Jane's Addiction. This album is a California earthquake. Personal to Esa Navarre: Cindy says Jane's Addiction are God. Colleen says so too. That's two against one. You lose.

2. Primitives - "Way Behind Me" (naughty bad parallel Nipper import--oops!) Not on the album. Crazily cool cover. Gorgeous acoustic version on the b-side. "Way Behind Me" just may be the best Primitives single yet. My sister Tracy can sure sing cool.

3. Sugarcubes with the Jesus and Mary Chain - "Christmas Eve" ('nother naughty bad parallel import--oops! again) Here I am being a little blonde Cindy brat talking about records I'm not even supposed to have. Spank me now, RIAA. So like, the Mary Chain and the 'Cubes are two of my favorite bands of now and here they are together crashing through "Birthday" and calling it "Christmas." No need for classic rock. There's a whole new generation of energetic young upstarts out there and the bands in this crusade are among the best. No need for airplay either. Us kids can find these records all on our own, thank you....

Caught being awfully swell this week was Album Network's own Mark Cope, who deserves great praise for putting up with us leather brats. Personal to Kevin at SRO: next time you go to Cathouse wear black clothes.

October 7, 1988, Album Network

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