Monday, April 28, 2008

Tell That Girl To Shut Up - Transvision Vamp

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This happened like two months ago, okay? Me and Billy (that's my boyfriend) are flying down Geary in his car, windows open, radio screaming. We got it tuned to "Live-105" (KITS). They're blastin' out "Tell that Girl to Shut Up" by someone I don't know who it is I wanna know now I love this song--just who is doing this cool cover version? It's like two o'clock in the morning. We pull into Mel's Drive-In and we wait in the car for the set to end and the DJ to announce who the song's by. I bought the original version by Holly and the Italians (iTunes link) when I was 14. I'm squirming in the seat waiting for the DJ to tell me who it's by. Billy's laughing at me, teasing me. He's telling me he knows who it's by, but he won't tell. He wants me to wait in agony. Shit! I know he's lying.

I look around outside. It must be Prom night. There's all these nervous guys in tuxes and giggly girls in formal dresses going into Mel's. Finally the DJ comes on and says it's Transvision Vamp, an import single from England. Transvision what? Who? Next day I'm sliding down Haight Street right into Reckless Records. I get a copy of "Tell that Girl to Shut Up" by Transvision Vamp. The record sleeve is done by Jamie Reid, the guy who did the "God Save the Queen" cover. This is just too cool. I play it over and over. Then, wouldn't you know it, that new UNI label puts the record out in America. Now all of you can play it over and over too. Time for a Holly and the Italians revival. Time for a Transvision Vamp hit. Get on it, radio people. Hooray for "Live 105."

July 29, 1988, Album Network

"Tell that Girl to Shut Up" is available on The Best - Transvision Vamp (iTunes Link)

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