Monday, April 14, 2008

Roots of Dime Box

Yeah, the Dime Box CD is coolness.

But you already knew that, right? Cause you have a copy, right? God, I'm starting to sound like Colleen! If you don't have a copy go here: Dime Box at CD Baby where it's only a hundred dimes!

Ok, now that you have the Dime Box CD and you are a happy person, you're probably wanting to know the roots of Dime Box... and... some people are wondering what Dime Box are doing in the Punk Rock Graffiti blog, which is so retro eighties or something and Dime Box are sooooo 21st Century now. And some people are wondering about the Dime Box connection to Wednesday Week. Yeah, I know, it's a great mystery, but here's all you need to know.

There are two updated Wednesday Week songs on the Dime Box CD: "Somehow Somewhere," which is on the second Wednesday Week album, No Going Back, and "High Road," which is on the second fan club EP (oh-so-obscure). The Dime Box version of "High Road" is amazing and a highlight. The opening song on the Dime Box CD, "Live a Little," is also the title song of the 1996 Lucky CD. Lucky were kinda the bridge between Wednesday Week and Dime Box. Kinda.

It's like this:
Wednesday Week - born in the eighties
Lucky - born in the nineties
Dime Box - oh so 21st Century country music of now

Even more details for you...
The lead singer of all those bands is Kristi Callan. The drummer of the first two of those bands is Kelly Callan. The guitar player of the first two of those bands is David Nolte. The songwriters of all those bands are Kristi Callan, Kelly Callan, David Nolte, and some others...

So... Cindy has cleared up another great mystery for you. On to Stonehenge! Or Avebury!

Yeah, Dime Box has cool roots -- Wednesday Week, Lucky, and Dolly Parton. It's almost like they're the unofficial godchildren of Johnny Cash.

Now everyone go read this: Dime Box - Five and Dime Waltz Review

Hi to Edie, Yolande, Pam and Laura Ann.

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