Saturday, April 19, 2008

Lovely - the Primitives

Cindy and Autumn, Leather Trio Productions.
Cindy: Tracey is my sister.
Autumn: She's not really her sister, but they kinda look alike. It's the blonde hair, the leather jacket, the sorta sweet and sexy look. But of course Tracey wears loads of make-up and Cindy doesn't wear any.
C: You know, it strikes me that these people don't know what we're talking about.
A: Tracey is the lead singer of the Primitives, whose debut album, Lovely, you can get in America now.
C: Of course we already got our naughty bad parallel import copies several months ago. Nipper is a bit slow.
A: The cool thing about Tracey is not just her voice, but her sense of style. She dresses cool, she looks sweet, she acts tough.
C: And she has the coolest bracelets of anyone in rock.
A: We like Tracey lots.
C: Whole lots.
A: And we think you will too.
C: Cause she's my sister.

July 22, 1988, Album Network
The Primitives - Lovely on iTunes The Primitives - Lovely

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