Saturday, April 12, 2008

Lullaby - Book of Love

I Touch Roses - the Best of Book of LoveAutumn Meredith, Leather Trio Productions: Do you guys ever watch Bewitched reruns on cable? You know how when Samantha wanted to cast a spell on someone she wiggled her nose and it made that really silly noise? She usually did this whenever she wanted to zap her dweeb husband Darren to someplace other than he wanted to be. Well that sound can now be heard slyly tucked away in this really cool song called "Witchcraft" on Book of Love's new album Lullaby. The song dances and rap-romps through everything cool about witches. They've even got Tabatha in there.

The album opens with a crazy cover of "Tubular Bells" complete with a Linda Blair-like voice screaming, "mother, make it stop" right out of the Exorcist. Then "Tubular Bells" slides into "Pretty Boys and Pretty Girls," one of the hotest dance pop songs of the year. I also like "Melt My Heart" cause of the way it sneaks right up on you. But my favorite song is the title track, "Lullaby," which is just so sweet and sleepy. It reminds me of when I was a little girl and my dad would lull me to sleep. So if you like music that is kinda poppy and dancey (and sleepy) get yourself a copy of Lullaby right away. Ten more pages from their Book of Love. Thanks to that awfully nice Mark Goldstein guy for sending the tape.

Album Network, July 15, 1988

Book of Love's Lullaby on iTunes

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